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Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform how organisations operate and to enhance the products and services they provide. Every organisation therefore needs a vision describing how they intend to use artificial intelligence to benefit their business, operations and customers combined with a strategy on how they will achieve this vision.


Combined Intelligence helps organisations create innovate AI visions and achievable strategies.


Below we describe further why you need an AI vision and strategy and then introduce how we can help you in creating and progressing your own. The initial step of this process, our Inspiration workshop, costs nothing other than a small amount of your time. It’s a great starting point to begin or to evolve your AI journey.


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Why you need an AI Vision and Strategy

Every organisation needs to understand how they are going to utilise artificial intelligence for customer, organisational and commercial benefit.

Artificial Intelligence can be utilised across your business in many ways, to name a few:

  • Customer Engagement – Through Conversational AI, interacting with customers through intelligent chatbots, smart devices and virtual assistants.
  • Information – Gathering and extracting information from unstructured data through computer vision, ICR and natural language processing.
  • Insight and Understanding – Applying AI augmented analytics to gain greater understanding and insight from the organisations structured and unstructured data.
  • Operational Efficiency – Utilising intelligent process automation, decision trees and recommendation engines to automate processes and decision making.
  • Intelligence – Adding intelligence to applications and devices to enhance user experience and extend product capabilities.

Charge Forward

A Vision and Strategy for your business

An AI vision describes what your organisation wants to achieve with the application of AI technologies across the value chain, including front and back office and from sales to support. It can include the future use of AI in new products and services yet to be realised.

An AI strategy shows how you are going to implement AI technologies and achieve the promised benefits. Not only does it help shape the technical blueprint of tools and frameworks, it also specifies the organisational structures, processes, procedures, governance and ethical controls needed to deploy AI effectively at scale across your organisation.


A Great AI Strategy

A great AI strategy covers the following areas…

Use-cases, Prioritisation and Business Alignment
Technology, Tools and Infrastructure
Process and Workflow Frameworks
People, Culture, Skills & Training
Governance, Audit, Transparency & Best Practice
Innovation for New Products & Services


What We Can Do For You

We work with you to create an innovative AI vision and strategy. If you don’t already have one we’ll start with your business vision and your existing IT and transformation plans to layer on the use of AI to add insight, innovation, transformation and ultimately business value.

Our vision and strategy process covers four stages, from the art of the possible through opportunity, creation and progression.

We can deliver these incrementally or as an agreed outcome based package. See service packages below.

Art of the Possible

An introduction to AI and what it can do now and in the future for your organisation.


A review of the organisation and its current vision and strategy. Identifying opportunities.


Creating or extending a vision and strategy for the organisation.



Initiating the process to take key opportunities from vision into reality.

From Our Chief AI Officer

Professor Andy Pardoe

AI Vision and Strategy

Many companies are now exploring and identifying how the application of automation, artificial intelligence and data analytics technologies can provide significant business value and competitive advantage. However, few companies have the in-house capability to fully understand the complexities of intelligent technologies and how to use them successfully, especially when the desire is to benefit from these technologies at scale across the whole organisation.

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Service Packages

We have packaged our vision and strategy services into three options. These start with Inspiration, a workshop focussed on the potential for artificial intelligence in your organisation. Innovation adds to Inspiration, creating or evolving an innovative vision and strategy for your business. Instigation extends Innovation to include progressing the realisation of key elements of the vision.

To understand more about these packages or to sign-up for an Inspiration workshop please send us an email using this button.