Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform how we live and work. Organisations therefore need to have an AI vision and strategy that covers how they will use AI to evolve how they operate, improve customer engagement, enhance products and services and ultimately drive business growth. 


To achieve this vision, organisations have to go on a journey from inspiration through to realisation.


Combined Intelligence helps organisations, whether just setting out or part way through, to accelerate this journey.


An initial way we help is through our free interactive Inspiration workshops.

These online workshops cost nothing more than a small amount of your time and are a great way to begin or to accelerate your AI journey.



Read on to understand why you need AI and how our Inspiration workshop can help inspire you towards achieving its full potential.



It’s a must

Why you need Artificial Intelligence

Every organisation needs to understand how they are going to utilise artificial intelligence for customer, organisational and commercial benefit. For larger organisations, you may be able to fund an AI team to create your own custom AI solutions. For smaller organisations, there are still many opportunities to utilise a host of different AI capabilities provided by AI enabled applications, platforms and devices. AI can benefit every organisation, no matter its size. 

Here’s a few examples of areas where AI can make a difference:

Customer Engagement – Intelligently connecting customers to the information they need and automatically guiding/promoting them to the best products and services specifically for them. Through technologies such as Conversational AI, transforming interaction with people (customers and employees) using intelligent chatbots, smart devices and virtual assistants.

Information – Gathering and extracting information and value from unstructured data through AI power technologies such as computer vision and natural language processing.

Insight and Understanding – Applying AI augmented analytics to gain greater understanding and insight from the organisations data. Using this intelligently to drive change and growth.

Operational Efficiency – Utilising intelligent process automation (e.g. RPA + AI), decision trees and recommendation engines to automate processes and decision making. Enhancing operational efficiency to enable the organisation to work better and more cost effectively.

Intelligence – Adding intelligence to products, services, processes, devices and more, enhancing the user experience and extending product and business capabilities.

Charge Forward

Optimising your approach to AI

Your artificial intelligence journey will go through various phases (see AI Journey for more detail) including the three key phases we describe below. Each phase has their own opportunities and challenges. Through the inspiration workshop we’ll hone in on where you are on your journey, discussing both the potential for AI in your organisation and how you can accelerate your journey.

Setting Out – If you’re new to artificial intelligence you need to properly understand what it is and where the real potential is to use AI to benefit your organisation. You’ll need to build an inspirational AI vision and strategy that both captures a view of the future but also factors in how you can avoid the many pitfalls that have constrained success in other organisations. You should also link this vision and strategy into both your digital transformation programme and your product/service innovation roadmap.

Problem Solving – Many organisations have made a start with artificial intelligence, whether in the form of intelligent process automation, chatbots or even the use of machine learning applied to their data. Unfortunately, many AI programmes struggle to realise the benefits expected. There are many reasons behind this, ranging from technology challenges through to people and cultural issues. We can discuss these challenges and how to overcome them, enabling you to achieve the full range of potential benefits within sensible budgets and timescales.

Scaling – It can be challenging to move from initial successes, through an early application of AI, to achieving real scale across the organisation with multiple applications of AI. These challenges can be diverse, ranging from difficulties identifying opportunities through to challenges in moving AI solutions into production and even organisational push back against the wider adoption of AI. We can discuss this transition and how to enable you to truly transform and innovate at scale. 

A Great AI Strategy

A great AI strategy covers the following areas…

Vision and Sponsorship
Opportunities, Prioritisation and Value
Technology, Tools and Infrastructure
Planning, Process and Agility
People, Culture, Skills and Training
Governance, Transparency, Ethics and Communication
Innovation, Transformation and Change

From Our CEO

Dr Steve Sheppard

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and related intelligent technologies will transform how we live and work, from changing how we communicate through to extracting business value from data. Many companies are now recognising this and are seeking to understand how they can build these new intelligent capabilities into their products, services and operations. AI isn’t just for large organisations, it can deliver real value to any sized organisation. 

Finding good AI opportunities, turning these opportunities into reality and ultimately realising the promised outcomes can though be challenging. This is where we can help.


How It Works

We believe our free Inspiration workshop is a great first step towards accelerating your AI journey.

This workshop enables us, together, to discuss AI and its potential within your organisation. We gain insight into your organisation and where you are on your journey. You gain insight and inspiration on AI and its potential within your organisation.

The workshop is free of charge and requires you only to commit some of your time. Our objective during the workshop is to inspire and not to sell. We would welcome the opportunity to help you further but that would be a topic of conversation after the workshop and only if you are interested.

To talk to us about arranging an Inspiration Workshop, please get in touch by emailing us via the CONTACT US button below. We’ll respond quickly to arrange an introductory call and to discuss dates for the workshop.

Our free workshops are targeted at UK and Ireland based businesses. Currently we run these free workshops virtually over MS Teams. If you’re interested in an in-person workshop please let us know when you contact us.