AI Vision

Our AI Vision is our annual insight into hot topics and trends within artificial intelligence. Highlighting key opportunities that we believe are relevant to organisations now and in the not too distant future.

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We are seeing organisations, big and small, starting to explore the potential of artificial intelligence. In support of this, we have created this AI Vision report to highlight some of the hot topics and trends in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence. These are areas for organisations to consider as they progress their AI journey. We hope you find the report interesting. If you want to discuss any aspect of this report please get in touch via the Get In Touch button above.


Technology trends are difficult to predict, especially with such a fast-paced ecosystem with new algorithms, capabilities and tools being introduced almost every week. Often opportunities for innovation and advancement occurs with the intersection of different technologies and we will also cover some of the emergent technologies that have and will help with the further adoption of intelligent solutions.

With the introduction of more complex technologies, the process of embedding them into your organisation can become difficult, especially with limited internal skills and knowledge about the techniques. At Combined Intelligence we have a core team of AI experts that have a range of industry sector experience who can help with your AI journey, from vision & strategy to delivery & operations.

We hope that our AI Vision 2020 provides some relevant insights towards your digital transformation journey. There are many challenges and opportunities as we move towards the vision of tomorrow’s possible technology landscape but with good design and architecture the vision can be realised, and the benefits gained.

With the impact of Covid-19 on our work and personal lives, creating a significant health crisis and economic recession, we are starting to see how the use of AI has helped during the crisis from optimising resources to deal with the pandemic, to the search for a viable vaccination. Moving into a recovery phase over the coming months, we will see increased focus on digital transformation and the desire to leverage intelligent automation to provide additional robustness to business operations.

The changes to our world post-pandemic are only starting to be understood, but we feel the benefits of advanced technologies will continue to show significant value to organisations. Having the ability to use AI at scale across your organisation is no-doubt a major advantage in both times of normal operation and dynamic environments that need the organisation to reach quickly and change direction to cope with future external events.


Key Areas of Focus

The AI Vision report targets eight areas of focus listed below. We will explore each one in more detail in this report.

  1. Practical Tools for Ethical Concerns
  2. AI Factories to help industrialise scaled delivery for an AI first enterprise
  3. Behavioural and Emotional capabilities of intelligent applications
  4. Understanding and Reasoning techniques introduced to intelligent solutions
  5. AI Governance for the 21st Century
  6. Scaling Intelligent Automation across the organisation
  7. How to re-imagine the Workforce of the Future with Intelligent Agents and Digital Twins
  8. Generative Algorithms to increase creativity capabilities.

We also cover other related areas that are empowered by intelligent technologies, from smart devices to digital transformation. 

  • Emergent Technologies
  • Smart Devices
  • AI for Good
  • Digital Transformation

The Report

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