About us

Combined Intelligence exists to enable our clients to benefit from the intelligent application of intelligent technologies.

Learn more about our vision, our history, our team  and our approach.


Our Vision

At Combined Intelligence we believe in intelligent technologies and how they can be smartly combined with people, processes and systems to truly transform customer experience, to optimise business efficiency, to provide real actionable insight and deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

To realise the full potential of intelligent technologies requires not only in-depth technical knowledge but also an ability to identify the opportunities within a specific organisation and then to be able to efficiently deliver reliable working solutions.

We therefore value the proven capability to understand intelligent technologies combined with practical experience in delivering solutions utilising these technologies. Hence we’ve constructed a team who have a strong academic/research background but also many years of practical experience working within organisations delivering intelligent solutions.

We also recognise that intelligent technologies covers a wide set of specialist technologies from Natural Language Understanding, through Robotic Process Automation to Predictive Analytics to name just a few. We’ve therefore established a network of trusted associates and partners to bring specialist skills, experience and platforms into our portfolio. This enables us to offer expertise and solutions across the breadth of the intelligent technology landscape.

“While the successful implementation of intelligent solutions can dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of your organisation, we understand the challenges of deploying such capabilities and can help your firm navigate them successfully to deliver sustainable advance.”

Andy Pardoe – CAIO

Our History

Combined Intelligence Ltd was formed in 2019 by Professor Andy Pardoe and Dr Steve Sheppard.

Andy and Steve first met at Warwick University when performing research for their PhDs in Artificial Intelligence. Having taken different career paths and experienced life working across a range of senior positions and organisations. A chance conversation at an AI conference (run by Andy) led to the idea of forming Combined Intelligence Ltd.

Andy and Steve have a joint passion for intelligent technologies and are driven to ensure that our clients can realise the full potential of these technologies even as they continue to evolve and grow. Read more about our founders below.


Combined Intelligence was chosen as our company name as it encapsulates several key objectives of the business:

We deliver advice and solutions working closely with our clients, combining their and our intelligence to deliver the best outcomes.

We apply a combined understanding of multiple leading-edge technologies to create future proof designs.

We combine technology intelligence with human intelligence to deliver smart solutions.

We have a team of highly skilled practitioners which we combine with trusted specialist associates and partner organisations.

Our Team

Professor Andrew Pardoe

Chief AI Officer & Chairman

An experienced CTO and CEO working across a number of industry sectors including Financial Services, Retail and Media. Over 20 years expertise of global change programmes delivering complex technical transformations including Enterprise Scaled AI delivery and commercialisation.

With particular experience with video and image analytics, motivational natural language understanding and time series predictive monitoring and advanced machine learning architectures. Combined with a deep knowledge of the organisational, ethical, governance and cultural challenges for the adoption of AI. Extensive knowledge of related and supportive technologies, including big data architectures and strategies, IoT and quantum.

A thought leader in the field, developing new frameworks to help monitor the progress of advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, including areas of cognitive computing. 

Dr Steven Sheppard

Chief Automation Officer & Chief Executive Officer

A highly experienced technical business leader with over 25 years experience leading teams across a range of business sectors. Steve has inspired large distributed delivery teams to successfully construct many innovative transformational digital applications, platforms and solutions. In addition to Director/Head Of roles within several large organisations Steve has also successfully created, grown and sold a multi-million pound Digital Solutions business.

Having setup Centres of Excellence for Automation and driven the construction of many Intelligent Process Automation solutions Steve has a particular interest in how intelligent technologies can be used to transform end to end business processes. Steve is inspired by the practical application of technology and spends significant time keeping track of evolving technologies and seeking to identify innovative ways they can be applied.

Dr Felix Hovsepian

Felix has worked at the technical level (mostly R&D) as well as various levels of management within organizations. My experience crosses the realms of R&D, academia and the commercial sector. My specialties include C-suite advisory and Emerging technologies with a focus on Complex Adaptive Systems (Non-linear Systems), Intelligent Agents (Agent-Based Modeling), Natural Computation (Collective and Swarm Intelligence), Machine Intelligence especially Commonsense & Causal Reasoning.

Felix also helps clients navigate the technology landscape, the applicability, and the impact that such technologies may have upon a given domain or organization. Felix also gained his PhD in AI from Warwick University and was previously a Professor of Informatics. 

Dr Djamila Amimer

Djamila is an experienced business leader and an entrepreneur with a broad range of experiences across climate change risk, energy, business resilience, shipping & trading, supply chain, commercial deals, business strategy and machine learning and AI.

Djamila has a strong business acumen with over 20-year experience in the oil and gas sector, delivering long term strategic initiatives and complex commercial projects across businesses. She has developed frameworks and novel AI techniques in the area of investment decisions, dealing with uncertainty and project evaluation.

Djamila has a track record in leading teams, delivering results and focusing on performance. She brings clarity to complex concepts and deliver strongly underpinned messages to executives.

Martin Hill-Wilson

Martin Hill-Wilson is an AI engagement strategist. He has many decades of consulting on customer related topics as part of his ability to understand opportunities to use AI technologies in customer facing teams. He is expert at blending strategy and operational execution to deliver both short and medium term ROI. He is also an international keynote speaker and conference chair helping to shape the agenda on how AI is transforming CX, marketing, sales and service. 

Kraig Appleton

A skilled senior engineer with cross industry expertise in electrical, mechanical and IT systems, and a specialist in Data Analytics, Black Box Modelling and unsupervised learning algorithms for classification. He has designed and built, right through to commissioning and handover, complicated plants for power generation, waste water, food and beverage and manufacturing among other sectors. This included fault tolerant software and hardware as these industries require exceedingly high levels of availability, often as a legal requirement. Additional Industry experience within Financial Services.

Bogdan Grigorescu

Technologist with over 30 years experience across industries. Specialised in extracting maximum value from technology. He has led specialist teams in implementing automation through AI at scale, delivering and operating enterprise platforms across multiple geographies. Bogdan has a track record in achieving superior customer experience and delivering significant cost efficiencies by leveraging AI and machine learning technologies and modern methodologies. Industry experience in technology, telecoms and retail sectors.

Tim Olsen

With 20 year’s experience of delivering process optimisation projects across multiple industries, I have an extensive background in finding technological solutions to resolve inefficient journeys. In recent years I have established a RPA CoE and built an Integrated Automation Platform to rival and indeed, exceed that of the key players in the industry, and grown the delivery team to become the largest in the UK. In addition, I was pivotal in externalising this as a new Consulting proposition for the UK’s largest BPO. I specialise in leading Programme Delivery teams, and also in establishing new Automation CoEs from scratch.

Phil Lewis

Phil has over 21 years’ experience delivering software automation across numerous industry sectors. He started his career as a Modern Apprentice at global business process outsourcers, EDS. After Hewlett-Packard acquired EDS, Phil focused on process orchestration and cloud automation. Since then, he has worked for a number of prominent organisations and companies (IBM, BT, CapGemini, Fujitsu, NHS, MOD, DWP, HMRC and FCO) to deliver enterprise scale automation projects. He frequently works with organisations to formulate strategies to enable and deliver intelligent automation solutions, often incorporating various AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing, OCR and Machine Learning

Our Approach 

We approach each engagement with enthusiasm and an initial focus on gaining a good understanding of each clients unique underlying business needs, objectives, priorities, challenges and values.

This then enables us to tailor our scope, approach and engagement model to one that will work best for that client. We use our broad knowledge of the art of the possible to identify business case driven opportunities for the cost effective application of intelligent technologies. This is typically approached in a platform agnostic way rather than constraining the potential to only specific vendor solutions.

Having set a vision and scoped opportunities we’ll work with the client, trusted partners and third parties to select the best platform and then to deliver effective solutions using best practice approaches.

We value collaboration and teamwork to combine skills and experience to produce the best possible solutions throughout the full engagement lifecycle.

Our Values

We live by our values of:

  •  Trust – Inspire and demonstrate trust.
  •  Honesty – Be honest and open at all times.
  •  Respect – Show respect, encourage and reward.
  •  Innovation – Think outside the box.
  •  Value – Ensure real value in everything we do.
  •  Exploration – Go beyond what’s been done before.

With these values we’ll THRIVE together.

Company Details

Our registered address and company number are:

  • Registered Address: 130 Old Street, London, EC1 V 9BD
  • Company Number: 12346017