About us

Combined Intelligence exists to enable our clients to benefit from the intelligent application of intelligent technologies.

Learn more about our vision, our history, our team  and our approach.



Our Vision

At Combined Intelligence we believe in intelligent technologies and how they can be smartly combined with people, processes and systems to truly transform customer experience, to optimise business efficiency, to provide real actionable insight and deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

We recognise that intelligent technologies, such as artificial intelligence, intelligent process automation and augmented analytics are advanced technologies that are still rapidly evolving. This can make it challenging for organisations to identify where they can use these technologies and then to turn this potential into reality, successfully realising the full range of benefits available.

We believe we have created a specialist capability, supported by our values, approach and team, that enables our clients to successfully realise the full potential of intelligent technologies. Not only can we provide insight and inspiration, we are innovators and problem solvers prepared to get our hands dirty to ensure client success.

Learn more about our values, approach, history and team below.

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“While the successful implementation of intelligent solutions can dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of your organisation, we understand the challenges of deploying such capabilities and can help your organisation navigate them successfully to deliver a sustainable operational and business advantage.”

Steve Sheppard – CEO

Our Approach 

We approach each engagement with enthusiasm and flexibility. We initially focus on gaining a good understanding of each client’s unique underlying business needs, objectives, priorities, challenges, values and people. We then tailor our scope, approach and engagement model to one that will work best for that client.

Our clients range from those who have yet to start their intelligent technology journey through to those who have had some initial successes but now wish to overcome problems, or to go further through new ideas or greater scale.

We always select a team that have the right experiences and skills to best support the particular client opportunity and the technologies in scope. When supporting technology platform selection we take a vendor independent approach enabling us to recommend the optimal platform for the particular client. 

We value collaboration and teamwork to combine our skills and experience with that of the client to produce the best possible solutions throughout the full engagement lifecycle.

Our Values

We live by our values of:

  •  Trust – Inspire and demonstrate trust.
  •  Honesty – Be honest and open at all times.
  •  Respect – Show respect, encourage and reward.
  •  Innovation – Think outside the box.
  •  Value – Ensure real value in everything we do.
  •  Exploration – Go beyond what’s been done before.

With these values we’ll THRIVE together.

Our History

Combined Intelligence Ltd was formed in 2019 with a mission to help organisations successfully apply intelligent technologies to innovate and transform.

We set out to build a team of experienced practitioners rather than just consultants. It was and is important to us that our team consists of people who have real world practical experience of applying intelligent technologies rather than just being able to talk through the theory of it. We also wanted to ensure that our team truly understood the technologies so that they have the ability to innovate and go beyond what has been done before. We also recognise the need, at times, to use specialists, so we’ve also built a network of trusted associates and partners who also meet our high standards.

You’ll see, from the examples below, that our team now consists of experts in many aspects of intelligent technologies, combining strong academic backgrounds with extensive cross-industry practical experience.

Combined Intelligence was chosen as our company name as it encapsulates several key objectives of the business:

We deliver advice and solutions working closely with our clients, combining their and our intelligence to deliver the best outcomes.

We apply a combined team understanding of multiple leading-edge intelligent technologies to find, define, promote and deliver innovation and transformation.

We combine technology intelligence with human intelligence to create smart solutions that make a real difference to people, processes, products and services.

We combine our team of highly skilled and experienced practitioners with a network of trusted specialist associates and partner organisations to provide the optimum set of skills and capabilities.

Our Team

Steve Sheppard

Dr Steven Sheppard

Chief Executive Officer

Steve has extensive leadership experience at board and director level, from startups through to large scale international organisations. Steve has a PhD in the application of Artificial Intelligence to medical image diagnosis and is driven by on ongoing interest in intelligent technologies.

As a technical leader, Steve has inspired multiple large distributed delivery teams to successfully construct many innovative and transformational digital applications, platforms and solutions. In addition to Director/Head Of roles within several large organisations Steve has also successfully created, grown and sold a multi-million pound Digital Solutions business.

Steve has particular knowledge and experience of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), having setup automation centres of excellence and driven the successful deployment of many IPA solutions. Steve therefore has an strong interest in how intelligent technologies can be used to transform end to end business processes. Steve is inspired by the practical application of technology and spends significant time keeping track of evolving technologies and seeking to identify innovative ways they can be applied.

Paul Corcoran

Dr Paul Corcoran


Paul has experience as a Founder, Board Director, Managing Director, CEO and Commercial Director in FTSE 250 and AIM-listed PLCs, SMEs, Joint Ventures and Not-For-Profit organisations. He has a consistent track record in a number of technology and consulting businesses of improving results and delivering rapid and sustainable growth. He has an MBA (Distinction) from Durham University and is a Chartered Engineer.

Whilst studying for his PhD at Warwick University his research looked at the application of artificial intelligence, data analytics and pattern recognition systems to solve real-world problems. Prior to moving into industry he has authored over 50 papers and conference presentations.

 His programme management and technical expertise covers the delivery and deployment of complex systems and technology into ‘live’ operational and safety critical environments, comprising the interaction of people, processes, technology and culture. He has experience in the technology, transport, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Bogdan Grigorescu

Bogdan Grigorescu


Bogdan is a technologist with over 30 years experience across many industries. He’s a specialist in extracting maximum value from technology. He has led multiple teams in implementing automation through AI at scale, delivering and operating enterprise platforms across multiple geographies. 

Bogdan has a track record in achieving superior customer experience and delivering significant cost efficiencies by leveraging AI and machine learning technologies and modern methodologies. Industry experience in technology, telecoms and retail sectors.

Felix Hovsepian

Tim Latham

Tim is a commercially minded business professional with experience across a number of markets and sectors, working initially for 15 years in a variety of management roles within international blue-chip corporate environments, during which time he was also awarded his MBA.  He subsequently started and exited businesses in both management consulting and retail, enhancing his enterprise scale business background with both scale-up and start-up experience.

Tim is inspired by the transformational possibilities presented by Intelligent Automation, he promotes the adoption of enterprise grade AI and RPA solutions to medium sized organisations. Driving productivity and insights by surfacing the predictive capabilities hidden in data.

Djamila Amimer

Dr Djamila Amimer

Djamila is an experienced business leader and an entrepreneur with a broad range of experiences across climate change risk, energy, business resilience, shipping & trading, supply chain, commercial deals, business strategy and machine learning and AI.

Djamila has a strong business acumen with over 20-year experience in the oil and gas sector, delivering long term strategic initiatives and complex commercial projects across businesses. She has developed frameworks and novel AI techniques in the area of investment decisions, dealing with uncertainty and project evaluation.

Djamila has a track record in leading teams, delivering results and focusing on performance. She brings clarity to complex concepts and deliver strongly underpinned messages to executives.

Martin Hill-Wilson

Martin Hill-Wilson

Martin is an AI engagement strategist. He has many decades of consulting on customer related topics as part of his ability to understand opportunities to use AI technologies in customer facing teams. He is expert at blending strategy and operational execution to deliver both short and medium term ROI. He is also an international keynote speaker and conference chair helping to shape the agenda on how AI is transforming CX, marketing, sales and service. 

Phil Lewis

Ian Wilson

Ian has significant leadership experience from board advisor to founder, CEO to executive director, from start-ups and scale-ups to major global organisations. Ian has worked across 3 continents and has a Degree in Artificial Intelligence. His journey through the AI industry has taken him from military AI R&D to building AI product companies to defining enterprise AI strategy for financial services companies, most recently as a Director, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at banking giant HSBC.

Ian is a thought leader on the integration of AI transformation with Data, Analytics and Digital transformation and how they build on, and multiply the benefits of each other. He focuses on the ROI of new technology capabilities and how the right training and advice can lead clients from high level economic strategy to foundation building to use cases and benefit delivery.

Ian has deep knowledge and experience of building AI Centres of Excellence, delivering large scale, production grade, enterprise AI solutions and making AI transformation clear and understandable to all levels of business. He is a speaker at global events and video content author on enterprise AI transformation.

Phil Lewis

Phil Lewis

Phil has over 21 years’ experience delivering software automation across numerous industry sectors. He started his career as a Modern Apprentice at global business process outsourcers, EDS. After Hewlett-Packard acquired EDS, Phil focused on process orchestration and cloud automation. Since then, he has worked for a number of prominent organisations and companies (IBM, BT, Cap Gemini, Fujitsu, NHS, MOD, DWP, HMRC and FCO) to deliver enterprise scale automation projects. 

He frequently works with organisations to formulate strategies to enable and deliver intelligent automation solutions, often incorporating various AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing, OCR and Machine Learning

Company Details

Our registered address and company number are:

  • Registered Address: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, England, WC1N 3AX
  • Company Number: 12346017