We have experience across many industry sectors ranging from Financial Services to Government. The number of industries we cover is testament to the wide ranging knowledge and experience of our team.

Read more about the potential of intelligent technologies and how we can support the unique as well as shared opportunities across these industries below. 

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Financial Services

The financial services industry is under extreme pressure from regulators, competitors, consumers and the disruption of digitisation and crypto-currencies.

Retail & Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, FinTechs and Insurance firms are all seeing their customers expect an omni-channel digital experience, requiring re-engineering and re-platforming of legacy systems to deliver the required customer experience, recommendations and personalisation driven by best in class automation and analytics capabilities.

Navigating complex technical infrastructure and delivering global change programmes is something we have decades of experience within our team, having working with many of the UK banks, both investment and retail.

While we are seeing many clients in this sector looking at applying automation and artificial intelligence within their organisation, they are still facing many challenges that hinder the adoption of these techniques into production at scale.

We understand these challenges and help our clients with frameworks and methodologies to make the adoption journey more successful.


The Energy, Natural Resources and Chemicals industries are all facing an intensive period of transformation, from the pressures of renewables to the digitisation of operations, leveraging technologies like AI and IoT to help the sector adapt to the dynamic environment and competitive pressures.

There is a drive for change and empowering an organisation with the advanced capabilities that automation and artificial intelligence offer is a significant advantage.

Our team has decades of industry experience and can support your transformational programmes of advanced technology adoption.


Manufacturing is under extreme pressure of customisation and personalisation requiring a complete digitisation of its design, prototyping and manufacturing operations.

Design innovation is facing huge transformation with techniques like AR and VR which accelerate the creative process and allow the end-user to quickly visualise the final product before expensive tooling and prototyping is done.

This digital innovation leads to digital factories that allow for full client customisation and personalisation.

We work with our clients to utilise Artificial Intelligence in terms of generative algorithms that can help with the creative process, supporting designers to produce amazing new products that would not have been constructed without the aid of these new technologies.


The retail industry continues to faced extreme disruption, with the power of data analytics, recommendations and personalisation key to customer experience and engagement.

Both traditional retailers and new entrants are facing the same challenges against the major online shopping portals.

A focus on targeted marketing campaigns is especially important, knowing the life journey of your customers and the potential future demands they will have for various products.

We also see demand for data analytics and predictive insights in the supply-chain area, optimising operations to be as efficient and effective as possible.

Customers have increased expectations that are leading to ethical considerations and monitoring that require advanced data analytics and reporting as part of the operational

We support our retail clients to benefit from advanced data analytics and automation to inform targeted marketing campaigns, customer interactions and operational efficiencies.


Both local and national Governments are challenged to both understand and utilise advanced technologies. From all party committees that are tasks with discovering the impacts and benefits of technologies on its citizens to the operational efficiencies of its various departments, the application of emergent technologies is an important factor to the long term success of any government department.

Government holds a wealth of data. The potential to utilise this data to gain greater insight, improve predictions and to enhance services is immense.

Government delivers many services across all of its departments and has many processes to support the delivery of these services. Although progress has been made, the opportunity to transform and optimise these processes remains significant as do the drivers to reduce costs and improve service delivery.

Intelligent technologies are being adopted but only a fraction of the potential for the application of the likes of AI and IPA has so far been realised.

The importance of AI being applied ethically, fairly and safely has been recognised and will continue to be a key factor in its successful adoption.

Our experience with AI and Automation helps our government clients to deliver better informed insights and decisions.


The telecommunications industry gathers huge quantities of data which is ideal for machine learning. The potential for AI has been recognised within the sector and is delivering initial benefits but the real longer term vision is to utilise AI to enable networks to be self-operating, self-optimising and even self-healing. The potential benefits in network performance and reliability are large.

The advent of 5G, the continuous growth of IoT devices and the realisation of smart cities will continue to grow the scale and complexity of telecommunications networks bringing in further need for network automation with minimal human intervention.

Intelligent automation of processes and end customer engagement, as with other sectors, is also a significant opportunity area.

We support our clients in this sector with insight into the art of the possible and the provision of a route to realising the associated benefits.

High Technology

The high tech sector is by its very nature familiar with many advanced technologies and all have huge quantities of data to analyse.

High tech firms are often using a range of advanced technologies including intelligent automation and analytics both internally for their own applications and systems but also for products and services they are selling to their own clients.

Despite this inherent knowledge, applying intelligent technologies at scale is still a challenge for these organisations.

We support our clients in this sector with various capabilities that facilitates a scaled factory approach to deploying AI and automation across the organisation but can also help them better engage with their clients and enable the successful adoption journey of these emergent technologies for their client base.



The legal sector is increasingly exploring the benefits of automation and machine learning, especially in the area of natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language generation (NLG) for the management of contracts in particular.

In addition, we see applications in the legal space for robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots, client and industry horizon scanning plus risk and opportunity evaluation using various NLP techniques.

We support our clients in this sector with various capabilities across a number of the automation and intelligent solution technologies, allowing them to better service their clients with both more efficient current offerings but also delivering new services and products that can create added value.