The world of Intelligence Technologies is a diverse area covering a broad set of technologies and an ever wider set of practical applications. Technologies such as augmented analytics, robotics, machine learning, deep learning etc lead to applications such as facial recognition, chatbots, intelligent process automation, cyber security and many more.

Combined Intelligence recognises this diversity and the need to utilise specialist platforms and people to apply these complex technologies efficiently and effectively. Combined Intelligence has therefore constructed a network of associates and partners who augment our team, when needed, with the relevant skills, experience, platforms and solutions.

See the Our Partner Network section to learn more about our platform, implementation, associate and channel partners.

We’re always looking for new best in class partners so if you’re interested in joining our network then please see Join Our Partner Network below.

Our Partner Network

We have established a network of partners and are looking to grow this into a best in class partner network, working with the most innovative technology platform, solution and service companies to facilitate the optimal delivery of exciting intelligent solutions to our clients.

We are also working with organisations as channel partners, providing our skills and capabilities to support their client base.

Read more about our different types of partner below.

Platform Partners

Intelligent Technologies come in many different shapes and sizes. We work with a selected range of specialist platform and solution providers to ensure we understand the art of the possible and can recommend the most optimal platforms and solutions to our clients.

We ensure our team are fully up to speed with our partner technologies to allow us to scope the potential, generate business cases and effectively support the delivery of partner offerings.

Implementation Partners

Leading edge intelligent technologies are best implemented by specialists with the relevant experience and skills with these technologies. We work with a number of trusted partner organisations who have these skills. This enables Combined Intelligence to work at scale and to react to client needs.

We also work with our specialist implementation partners to upskill our team and also those of our clients.

Channel Partners

We work with a number of organisations that are looking to provide skills and knowledge of applying intelligent technologies to their clients to help solve challenging business problems across the value-chain. We can support various sales conversations, workshops, presentations to help get engagement and then provide the delivery capability too.

Associate Partners

We work with experienced associates who have expertise in very specific business functional or industry sectors in the application of automation and artificial intelligence. From strategy consulting to delivery expertise your skills and knowledge can help support our client projects.

If you’re a potential client and would like to understand more about Combined Intelligence and our partner network then please get in contact with us via our Contact Us page.

If you’re a potential partner then please read our Join Our Partner Network section below.

“We work with the best in class technology partners to efficiently deliver the most innovative and effective intelligent technology solutions to our clients.”

Steve Sheppard – CEO

Join Our Partner Network

Joining our partner network means working with an amazing team of highly knowledgeable practitioners in the creation and deployment of advanced intelligent technology solutions. Our mission is to help our clients realise the maximum benefit of intelligent technologies with the minimum pain along the way. Our THRIVE values of Trust, Honesty, Respect, Innovation, Value and Exploration are also important to us.

Platform, Implementation

and Associate Partners

If you believe you are, or your organisation is, aligned with our values and can support our mission with best in class platforms, solutions or skills then please get in touch.

You can read more about become an associate here.

Channel Partners


If your organisation is interested in expanding the range of services you can provide to your clients then please get in touch as we’re keen to add new channel partners.

Please see our Contact Us page for information on how to get in touch. Please provide details about your company and the type of partnership (can be more than one) you are interested in (i.e. channel, platform, implementation or associate). We will then schedule an initial introduction meeting to get an overview and discuss how we can work together. We look forward to hearing from you.