Combined Intelligence

We believe that intelligent technologies can be smartly combined with people, processes and systems to truly transform customer experience, to optimise business efficiency, to provide real actionable insight and deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

We can help your business understand and realise the full potential of artificial intelligence, intelligent process automation, augmented analytics and related intelligent technologies!

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The Journey

Achieving success with intelligent technologies requires organisations to go on a journey, overcoming many challenges to realise the transformational benefits these technologies can deliver.  Use the buttons below to read more about the automation and AI journeys and how Combined Intelligence can help you achieve success faster no matter where you are on your journey.

Our Services

Vision and Strategy

Creating a vision and realisation strategy for the adoption of intelligent technologies to deliver real business benefit.

Delivery and Operation

Efficient construction, reliable delivery, successful operation and ongoing optimisation to maximise benefit.

Technology and Partners

Guiding the selection of the optimal technologies, products, vendors and partners.

Process and Change

Inspiring the full lifecycle process of adopting intelligent technologies including business and operational change.

Skills and Knowledge

Providing specialist skills, knowledge and training to bridge gaps and educate teams.

Innovation and Research

Following the leading edge of technology evolution and creating original innovative solutions.

Inspire, Innovate, Deliver…

Our team has many years of practical experience inspiring, innovating and delivering transformational intelligent technology solutions. We have PhDs and even a Professor, ensuring we apply intelligent technologies intelligently!

Intelligent Technologies

We work across the full breadth of intelligent technologies including:


Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning… Combined Intelligence can help you understand how these intelligent technologies can be used for competitive advantage.


Intelligent Process Automation

Apply Robotic Process Automation intelligently and also combine it with artificial intelligence to really make a difference to the extent and effectiveness of your automation.


Augmented Analytics

Utilise approaches such as machine learning and natural language processing to enhance data analytics to gain greater business and customer insight. Combine with automation to make real time use of this insight. 

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Work with us

We are flexible in how we work dependent on your needs:


Our Approach

We start by understanding what you need, setting out an achievable vision and an agree strategy to get there. We combine our knowledge and experience with yours to ensure we provide best value.  


Our Methods

We have proven methodologies and promote best practice but will always optimise our approach jointly with each client. We’re experienced, agile, collaborative and believe in teamwork. 


Our Network

Intelligent technology is a diverse field, so, we’ve built a network of specialist associates and partners to give us and you access to a broad spectrum of skills, experience, solutions and platforms.                                                                               

Learn more on our About Us and Partners pages.

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