Inspiration Workshop – IPA

Process Automation is transforming how many organisations operate, enabling these progressive organisations to become more efficient, to transform how they engage their customers, to add differentiation into their products and services, and ultimately to enable business growth. When process automation is combined with AI, called Intelligent Process Automation (IPA, Hyper-automation), organisations can go even further.

Our IPA centred Inspiration Workshop focuses specifically on how organisations can use IPA to make a real difference. Depending on where you are on your process automation journey, this could be about anything from getting going through to scaling out across the enterprise and combining process automation with other technologies such as AI.

In advance of the workshop, we get to know you and your organisation. This enables us to tailor the content of the workshop to capabilities and applications of IPA that are relevant to your organisation. We also factor in any progress you may have already made on your IPA journey so that we don’t waste time on things you already know.

During the workshop we seek to inspire you with a view of what’s possible which we combine with an open and honest discussion on how you would realistically go beyond inspiration to realising success. Helping you to accelerate your IPA journey.

Read on to understand why you need IPA and how our IPA Inspiration Workshop can help inspire you towards achieving its full potential.

It’s a must

Why you need Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation combines process automation with artificial intelligence, allowing organisations to truly transform how they operate,  creating a digital workforce that can work efficiently and cost effectively alongside the human workforce. Enabling the role of the human workforce to evolve, increasing innovation, job satisfaction and performance. Read more about the benefits of IPA here.

Many organisations have begun their process automation journey, for example, through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or Low Code platforms. Others are yet to get going. Wherever your organisation is on your automation journey it’s imperative that you now have an IPA vision and strategy. A vision and strategy that can allow you to achieve benefits such as:

Transforming Customer Engagement – Delivering new and proactive ways to engage and interact with customers. Connecting customers directly to information and the ability to transact 24×7.

Efficient Operations – Using process automation to enable technology to perform mundane and repetitive tasks previously requiring people. Going beyond this to truly transform end to end business processes, enhancing and evolving both the customer and employee experience. Using these efficiencies to enable the organisation to significantly reduce costs and achieve more through a combined human and digital workforce.

Quality and Accuracy – Improving quality, accuracy, reliability, security and performance throughout operations. Reducing errors and adding the ability to automatically detect and react when the unexpected does happen.

Valuable Information – Gathering and processing data. Extracting usable information from both structured and unstructured data. Enabling greater levels of automation and digitisation.

Insight and Understanding – Applying intelligence to this valuable information, to gain greater understanding and insight. Actioning this understanding and insight, automatically, to make a real difference to how the organisation operates and plans for the future.

Charge Forward

Optimising your approach to IPA

Each stage of an organisation’s IPA journey will have opportunities but also challenges. Overcoming these challenges or, ideally, having a good strategy that avoids them will drastically affect how rapidly the organisation progresses on their journey as well as the level of success they realise. During the Inspiration workshop we’ll discuss this strategy, covering stages such as those discussed below.

To understand more about all the stages of the IPA journey read more here. We also go into more of the potential journey pitfalls here.

Setting Out – If you’re new to process automation you need to start by understanding the true potential for IPA in your organisation. Creating a realistic vision and supporting strategy to nable you to achieve the diverse benefits of IPA. A strategy that also needs to avoid the many pitfalls that have constrained success in far too many organisations. This strategy needs to factor in organisational change as well the practical, technical and people aspects of what will be a transformation programme.

Problem Solving – Many organisations have made a start with process automation, typically through the application of robotic process automation (RPA) or low-code approaches. Unfortunately, more than 50% of automation programmes fail to realise the benefits expected. There are many reasons behind this (see examples here) but the challenges that cause these failures can be overcome with the right approach, motivation and support.

Scaling – It can be challenging to move from initial successes, typically automating mundane and repetitive tasks, to achieving real scale with IPA (i.e. hyper-automation). These challenges can be diverse, ranging from understanding how to transform rather than just automate, how to use AI to go beyond standard process automation through to tackling people and cultural issues that can hold back achieving real scale with IPA. 

A Great IPA Strategy

A great IPA strategy covers the following areas…

Vision and Sponsorship
Opportunities, Prioritisation and Value
Technology, Tools and Infrastructure
planning, Process and AGILITY
People, Culture, Skills and Training
Governance, Transparency and Communication
Innovation, Transformation and Change

From Our CEO

Dr Steve Sheppard

Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation and other related intelligent technologies will transform how we live and work. Many organisations are now recognising this and are seeking to understand how they can build these technologies into their products, services and operations. Unfortunately, this isn’t simple to get right! Picking good opportunities and then successfully realising the promised outcomes can be challenging.

We can help you avoid the many pitfalls associated with IPA, enabling you to quickly and efficiently achieve the full range of benefits possible.

Inspiration Workshops

How It Works

We believe our tailored Inspiration Workshops are a great step towards accelerating your intelligent technologies journey.

In advance of the workshop we spend time with you to understand your organisation, where you are on your journey and what's driving your interest. This enables us to tailor the workshop to the needs of your organisation, ensuring we cover topics and examples relevant to what your organisation does, how it operates and the products/services it provides to its customers.

During the workshop we provide insight into the world of intelligent technologies. We encourage you and your colleagues to interact with us, discussing where these technologies could add value to your organisation, any challenges that might hold you back and how you can accelerate your journey.

Ultimately our objective is to inspire you and your colleagues to apply these technologies in your organisation to make a real difference.

The content of these workshops are not dependent on any particular platform or supplier.  We seek to inspire and not to sell. We would welcome the opportunity to help you further but that would be a topic of conversation after the workshop and only if you are interested.

To talk to us about arranging an Inspiration Workshop, please get in touch by email via the CONTACT US button below. We'll respond quickly to arrange an introductory call and to discuss dates for the workshop.

Our workshops are targeted at UK and Ireland based businesses. We can run these workshops in-person or virtually over MS Teams.