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Our Intellect initiative is targeted at organisations who are automating at scale but now want to make the step to hyperautomation by adding artificial intelligence and embedding automation into the organisation’s DNA.

We can help you achieve hyper-automation!

If you’re not at this phase in your automation journey yet try our other initiatives:

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Invigorate Scale an existing programme and take it to the next level.


Combined Intelligence are specialists in Automation, Artificial Intelligence and related Intelligent Technologies. We have a team with many years of practical experience successfully leading the creation of centres of excellence, building effective delivery teams and implementing innovative solutions that transform how businesses operate and enhance the products and services they deliver to their customers. Our experience is first-hand and not just as consultants.

We have seen many organisations struggle to achieve the full range of automation benefits and we believe we can help these organisations by resolving the challenges that are blocking their success and by identifying opportunities to go further. On our Automation Journey  page, we describe how organisations need to go on a journey (from identifying the need through to achieving hyper-automation) to achieve the full range and extent of automation benefits. We split this overall journey into three phases called Build, Scale and Evolve.

    Under our Intellect initiative, we focus on how Combined Intelligence can help organisations who have achieved success at scale from automation but who now want to transition to hyper-automation through artificial intelligence and evolving the organisation so that automation is part of its DNA.

    The evolve phase of the journey covers the transition from advanced through to hyper:

    1. Advanced – Delivering transformational end to end process automations at scale.
    2. Intelligent – Utilising AI to go beyond rules-based automations.
    3. Hyper – Automation is everywhere in the organisation and part of its DNA.

    If you are not at this phase journey yet, then please try our other initiatives:

    • Instantiate Build a successful automation programme and capability.
    • Invigorate – How to scale an existing programme and take it to the next level.


    An organisation with automation at scale has progressed well along its automation journey. The next phase of this journey, evolve, involves utilising intelligent technologies to extend the scope of what can be automated but it also covers changes in how the organisation perceives and appreciates automation. Embedding automation into the DNA of the organisation is ensuring that automation is considered by the whole organisation as a key function of how it operates successfully, with automation being considered first whenever a process needs to be created or changed.

    Achieving hyper-automation fully involves overcoming a range of challenges, for example:

    • Utilising, for example, intelligent character recognition, natural language understanding and computer vision as part of automated processes.
    • Automating decisions based on machine learnt experiences (machine learning).
    • Enhancing insight, generating intelligent predictions, and driving automations through augmented analytics.
    • Delivering competitive advantage through innovative combinations of automation with intelligence technologies.
    • Completing a cultural change within the organisation to embed automation within its DNA.

    Combined Intelligence can help organisations avoid or navigate past these challenges enabling the organisation to achieve the full range of business benefits of automation with less pain, more speed and with greater efficiency. We can work with interested clients to define and provide bespoke work packages to deliver this help but, to enable rapid delivery and to demonstrate our value, we have defined an introductory Intellect package that can be delivered quickly, at minimum cost and, in current circumstances, be achieved remotely through audio, video and screen sharing collaboration tools.


    The objective of our Intellect package is to deliver rapid guidance and recommendations to clients within a 3 – 4 week elapsed period. We achieve this by following these steps (tailoring our approach based on your input):

    • Understand – Understand the organisation’s current objectives and scope Intellect focus appropriately:
      • Achieved through remote conversations and virtual workshops with primary stakeholders.
      • Produces an agreed scope of work including commitments on timescales and resource availability.
    • Assess – Assess the current state and automation capability:
      • Conversations (audio/video conferencing) with key stakeholders
      • Perform an assessment of current documentation (as provided by key stakeholders).
      • Review current progress, via screenshare sessions.
      • Identify key challenges and opportunities.
    • Deliver – Deliver outcomes:
      • Construct guidance and recommendations, review and agree with primary stakeholders.
      • Present and share the outcomes to key stakeholders and senior management.

    Our Intellect package is an introduction to our capabilities and allows us to demonstrate the value we can bring. We therefore only charge an introductory fee, to us the most important thing is to establish a relationship and to deliver real value through this initial engagement.

    This is aligned with our organisational values:

    •  Trust – Inspire and demonstrate trust.
    •  Honesty – Be honest and open at all times.
    •  Respect – Show respect, encourage and reward.
    •  Innovation – Think outside the box.
    •  Value – Ensure real value in everything we do.
    •  Exploration – Go beyond what’s been done before.

    With these values we’ll THRIVE together.

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