Intelligent technologies, such as AI and Intelligent Process Automation, are changing how businesses operate, how they interact with their customers and how they extract value from their data. These rapidly evolving technologies are also providing opportunities for innovation, enabling new product features that, in turn, deliver market differentiation.

Through insight into the ‘art of the possible’ combined with practical experience of success, Combined Intelligence helps inspire organisations to accelerate their intelligent technologies journey.

One popular way we do this is via our Inspiration Workshops. These low cost, face-to-face or virtual, interactive workshops are tailored to your organisation. Providing insight and inspiration into what your organisation can achieve with intelligent technologies.

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Inspiration Workshops


Technology is becoming more intelligent. Enabling it to interpret information, make decisions and perform actions that previously would have required human input.

Operationally, this has allowed the creation of a digital workforce, delivering an army of process automation bots that perform work traditionally performed by people. Increasing operational efficiency, quality and performance. In turn, freeing the human workforce of the mundane and allowing them to innovate, communicate and achieve more.

Intelligent features are being made available through new devices, in areas such as: virtual assistants, IoT devices, manufacturing automation, robotics, autonomous vehicles, medical devices and much more. Delivering new capabilities and further transforming how we live and work.

Data has become a major organisational asset. Technologies such as augmented analytics and machine learning are extracting new insights and value from the vast quantities of data now available. Enabling organisations to better understand their customers, their business, their products and the environment they operate in.

Supported by enhancements in and the increased availability of cloud and edge computing, data can be processed in real-time, enabling more responsive and reactive monitoring of networks, systems and the environment. Combining this with historical data has also enhanced the accuracy of future predictions. Enabling organisations to be proactive, better plan for the future and even to be able to avoid problems before they occur.

The opportunities for organisations to utilise these new intelligent capabilities are diverse and rapidly evolving. It can be challenging though for many organisations to truly understand what these technologies mean to them, let alone know how to effectively go about realise their benefits.

At Combined Intelligence we invest in continuously tracking and understanding the evolving capabilities of intelligent technologies. We combine this with a team who have extensive practical experience successfully applying these technologies. This gives us the knowledge and experience to help organisations ride this evolving intelligent technology wave.

Our Inspiration Workshops provide a unique way of kicking off or accelerating an organisation’s intelligent technologies journey (for those who have already made some progress but perhaps not at the scale or speed they expected).

Inspiration Workshops


Our Inspiration Workshops are tailored to the attending organisation, it’s business, operating model, current state and journey progress.

The final workshop agenda and scope will be agreed with the workshop sponsor but typically covers:

Intelligent Technologies – An introduction to the world of intelligent technologies and the breadth of the opportunities available to the organisation now and in the near future. We also provide the options to focus on specific intelligent technologies, for example, AI or Intelligent Process Automation (AI). Read more about these workshop variants here: AI / IPA.

Opportunity Areas – In advance of the workshop we engage with representatives of the organisation to understand what it does, how it does it, what’s driving the organisation and where it’s seeking to get value from intelligent technologies. This enables us to tailor the workshop to cover examples and opportunities in directly relevant market, industry, business and organisational areas.

Inspiration – Our objective is to inspire attendees on the ‘art of the possible’. Enthusing attendees to understand how these technologies can make a difference within their organisation. Providing impetus for them to create a vision and strategy to move the organisation forward.

Reality – In addition to covering what’s technically possible we also discuss how the specific organisation might move key opportunities forwards. Factoring in aspects such as in-house capabilities, potential costs and the realistic value to the organisation.

Interactive – The workshop is interactive. The Combined Intelligence lead will present some tailored content but will also encourage participation from the attendees. This helps improve understanding and also supports construction of a list of opportunities for the organisation to consider moving forward.

Output – After the workshop, all attendees will get a copy of the slides presented and also a written-up copy of the opportunities identified during the workshop.

Inspiration Workshops

How It Works

We believe our tailored Inspiration Workshops are a great step towards accelerating your intelligent technologies journey.

In advance of the workshop we spend time with you to understand your organisation, where you are on your journey and what's driving your interest. This enables us to tailor the workshop to the needs of your organisation, ensuring we cover topics and examples relevant to what your organisation does, how it operates and the products/services it provides to its customers.

During the workshop we provide insight into the world of intelligent technologies. We encourage you and your colleagues to interact with us, discussing where these technologies could add value to your organisation, any challenges that might hold you back and how you can accelerate your journey.

Ultimately our objective is to inspire you and your colleagues to apply these technologies in your organisation to make a real difference.

The content of these workshops are not dependent on any particular platform or supplier.  We seek to inspire and not to sell. We would welcome the opportunity to help you further but that would be a topic of conversation after the workshop and only if you are interested.

To talk to us about arranging an Inspiration Workshop, please get in touch by email via the CONTACT US button below. We'll respond quickly to arrange an introductory call and to discuss dates for the workshop.

Our workshops are targeted at UK and Ireland based businesses. We can run these workshops in-person or virtually over MS Teams.