We help organisations by providing insight, inspiration, innovation and transformation through the sharing and delivery of knowledge, experiences, problem solving, solutions and ultimately business benefits. We focus on how intelligent technologies can make a difference to an organisation, whether as part of its digital transformation or within the products and services it provides to its clients.

We offer a full range of services, from vision creation, through realisation to future looking research.

Vision & Strategy – Delivery & OperationProcess & Change
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Vision and Strategy

Creating a vision and realisation strategy for the adoption of intelligent technologies to deliver real business benefit.

Our Vision and Strategy Services help our clients understand the extent to which intelligent technologies can be applied across the value chain of their business from customer engagement through to successful fulfilment. Looking at aspects such as operational effectiveness, quality, agility, value, satisfaction and efficiency helps identify where intelligent technologies will deliver the best business and customer benefit.

We offer everything from executive workshops covering a range of topics depending on the needs of the organisation, to in-depth intelligent technologies strategy creation.

Depending on the complexity of your organisation defining your strategy, for example, can take anything from a few weeks to a few months and would include a range of discovery activities including workshops, 1-2-1 interviews, design thinking sessions and surveys. The process would allow for review and feedback to enable your organisation to internalise and iterate their requirements to produce a strategy that is well aligned with both existing IT goals and the overall business strategy.

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Delivery and Operation

Efficient construction, reliable delivery, successful operation and ongoing optimisation to maximise benefit.

While many firms would like to benefit from the abilities of intelligence technologies, few have the skilled resources able to deliver such solutions within their organisation. We are able to provide experienced implementation teams, managed by delivery leads that have decades of industrial experience and a strong understanding of the technologies, often supported by a relevant academic background, for example, a PhD in artificial intelligence.

We can also provide a delivery as a service option, that includes ongoing support and maintenance of developed solutions and takes away the risk of deploying such technologies into production without a team available to provide the correct level of support and ongoing updates needed to keep the same level of performance.

Please open the Delivery & Operations PDF to understand more. Further detail on the specific aspects of Opportunity Definition, Opportunity Realisation and Team Optimisation can be found in the relevant PDF documents.

Process and Change

Inspiring the full lifecycle process of adopting intelligent technologies including business and operational change.

Delivering an intelligent technologies data science/implementation capability within your organisation is much more than just a technology deployment challenge. There are a number of factors that need consideration and require very specific process and organisational change to be successful.

These organisational, cultural and process changes need to be implemented along with the creation of your team and technology selections. Often these changes are complex and influenced by the current organisational profile. There are also differences in skills and approach needed between different areas of intelligent technologies such as machine learning vs robotic process automation.

We can develop a change programme that will provide a roadmap of change that will result in a best in class setup that provides the full capability needed to successfully deliver intelligent technologies at scale.

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Technology and Partners

Guiding the selection of the optimal technologies, products, vendors and partners.

Combined Intelligence deliberately hasn’t created our own intelligent technology platform. Instead we invest our time keeping a close eye on the diverse range of intelligent technologies, platforms and vendors that exist and continue to emerge. We evaluate and identify where these solutions could be used and which ones are best in class.

We then approach client engagements with a good understanding of the art of the possible but without any constraints on the technologies or platforms that could be applied.

When it comes to proposing technologies we combine client preference and their technology landscape with our technology evaluations, experience and partner network to recommend the optimal approach factoring in aspects such as complexity, cost, implementation timescales, skills required, operational needs, ongoing maintenance and optimisation etc.

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Skills and Knowledge

Providing specialist skills, knowledge and training to bridge gaps and educate teams.

From recruitment to reskilling your staff, we can help educate your teams to provide your own internal data science capability.

We will often be asked to provide the full data science/implementation team to allow initial project deliveries to be completed quickly, but over time we can also help the client hire new specialists or train existing staff to gradually take over our responsibilities, ultimately enabling self-sufficiency.

We also provide educational workshops and training for the C-suite, educating your senior management on the art of the possible with the deployment of intelligence technologies in your organisation. We can highlight both the benefits and the challenges so that your executive team are fully knowledgable of all aspects of intelligent solutions and the additional governance and oversight needed.

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Innovation and Research

Following the leading edge of technology evolution and creating original innovative solutions.

Our services around innovation cover everything from setting up an innovation process and framework to facilitating the controlled pipeline of evaluation and promotion into production of innovative technologies aligned to your business challenges and priorities. We can also help create an Innovation Centre of Excellence that allows your organisation to industrialise the process of evaluating and deploying the latest technologies across your firm, enabling the rapid realisation of the maximum benefit from these new capabilities.

We are also active in the startup and research space, actively working with a number of startups to ensure we can bring the very best and latest emerging technology solutions to our clients. Our research covers aspects such as Artificial General Intelligence which will form a core component of future intelligent technology solutions.

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