Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving how we live and work, from the introduction of AI powered virtual assistants (such as Alexa) through to an AI driven autonomous workforce. This evolution is also accelerating, as AI capabilities increase and the applications it is applied to widen.

Organisations, from specialist SMEs through to large international enterprises, need to consider how they are going to utilise AI in how they operate, in how they extract value from their data and in how they add innovation into their products and services.

AI is a diverse field covering a range of underlying technologies as well as multiple ways that it can be applied. Many organisations find it challenging to correctly identify where they can apply AI, let alone successfully going through the process of creating an AI powered solution and achieving the full range of benefits that AI promises.

This is where Machine Commons Consulting UK (MCC UK) can help your organisation accelerate your adoption of AI. MCC UK combines the UK based consultancy service (Combined Intelligence) with an international collective of over 80 AI focussed platform, solution and service providers (Machine Commons). Providing UK organisations with local access to insight, guidance and inspiration and connecting them to over 1400 AI specialists with experience in delivering 100s of different AI solutions across multiple diverse applications and sectors. Solutions for manufacturing optimisation through to intelligent customer engagement.

MCC UK recognises that organisations can be at different stages of their AI journey. From those who are still trying to understand its relevance to their organisation through to those who have already deployed AI:

Early stages typically focus on the potential for AI within the organisation, enabling the organisation to gain a better understanding of what AI is and how it could be used for business and operational benefit. Having understood the potential, the organisation can create a vision for what a future, AI enabled, version of their organisation will look like in the short, medium and long term.

The next stage is to create a realisable strategy to achieve this vision. This can range from creating an in-house AI centre of excellence through to engaging implementation and platform partners. Aspects such as AI programme management, governance, process, data exploration, machine learning, AIOps, etc all need to be considered in order to successfully realise the AI vision.

Initial AI projects often need to combine research with development. Discovering how best to use AI, whether through configuration of pre-trained AI solutions or the creation of new machine learning models. Having created a working prototype, it then needs to be transitioned into pilot and then production. Unfortunately, this represents a further challenge with AI, with many AI projects failing to transition a promising prototype into a production solution that achieves the scale of benefits expected. AI projects also can’t end at go-live; AI solutions need to be optimised and continue to evolve as the data (and the organisation) they depend on changes.

The diversity of AI technologies and applications also means success in one area doesn’t automatically mean success in another area will follow. Achieving AI at scale and embedding AI into the DNA of the organisation is a further challenge that few organisations have yet to overcome.

MCC UK can support your organisation wherever you are on this AI journey, from helping you create your vision and strategy through to supporting you in transitioning to scale.

Interested? Please get in touch by emailing or checkout our free AI Inspiration workshops. In these workshops we discuss AI and its relevance to your organisation. We tailor the content of the workshop specifically to your needs, factoring in where you are on your AI journey as well as the nature of your business and what it does. It costs you nothing beyond a small amount of your time. To register and understand more about our AI Inspiration workshop please follow this link.

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MCC UK has a UK focus but an international capability.

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