Machine Commons Consulting

Mar 22, 2022 | Company News, Technology and Partner

Combined Intelligence (CI) has joined forces with Machine Commons (MC) to deliver Machine Commons Consulting UK (MCC UK). Together we provide AI centred leadership, guidance, inspiration, innovation, and transformation services and solutions to UK based organisations.  

Through the Machine Commons collective, MCC UK has access to over 80 specialist AI platform, solution, and service providers. This collective has delivered 100s of diverse AI powered solutions across multiple industries, from tailored off the shelf products through to bespoke machine learning solutions. The Machine Commons collective has over 600 active clients and a combined team of over 1400 people. 

Combined Intelligence is based in the UK and has a team of specialists with extensive experience in helping organisations realise the full potential of intelligent technologies including artificial intelligence, intelligent process automation, augmented analytics and more. CI assists organisations in understand the true potential of intelligent technologies within their organisation and then supports them through the full lifecycle, from creating a vision through to successful realisation of the business benefits.

MC & CI together, as MCC UK, believe we are uniquely placed to help organisations accelerate their intelligent technologies journey. If you’re interested in learning more then please get in touch via You can also read more about MCC UK here 

As a starting point, we recommend that you attend one of our free interactive inspiration workshops. These one-to-one workshops are tailored to your organisation, discuss the potential for intelligent technologies in your organisation and cost you nothing beyond a small amount of your time. We run workshops centred on a range of topics including AI and Intelligent Process Automation. Follow these links for more info on these: Intelligent Process Automation Workshop / AI Workshop.

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