The Business Application of AI – Video Podcast Series

Apr 13, 2022 | Company News, Delivery & Operations, Process and Change, Research and Innovation, Skills and Knowledge, Vision and Strategy


Artificial Intelligence is evolving how organisations operate, how they interact with their customers, how they extract value from their data, and how they add intelligence and differentiation into their products and services.

In this video podcast series we team up with Machine Commons, as Machine Commons Consulting UK (MCC UK), to discuss the business application of AI, from vision, strategy and opportunity, through practical implementation to live operation. Covering innovation, transformation and business value.

Our objective, within each 15 minute podcast, is to provide insight into AI and how it can be used to deliver business value. Our target audience is anyone interested in understand more about AI, its potential and how to successfully go about realising this potential. You don’t need to be an AI expert, just to have an interest in understanding how it could help your organisation.

Our regular podcasters are:

Dr Steve Sheppard, Combined Intelligence – A UK based leader in the field of Intelligent Technologies, including AI, IPA/RPA and Augmented Analytics.

Alex Carruthers, Machine Commons – Founder of Machine Commons, a collective of over 80 specialist AI platform, solution and service providers.

Special guests will also join Steve and Alex for some episodes.

Our first podcast ‘Introducing MCC UK’ is available on YouTube here and introduces Steve, Alex, MCC UK and the podcast series. Our second podcast (coming out next week) is titled ‘AI: Hype or Reality‘, where Steve and Alex discuss the hype around AI and the reality of what can be achieved with it.

Future topics will include feedback from the audience, so if you would like us to cover a specific topic then please let us know by commenting on this article or emailing us at

We’ve also written an article on the Business Application of AI, which you can find here.

Our podcast sponsors are:

  • Combined Intelligence (CI) – Combined Intelligence is based in the UK and has a team of specialists with extensive experience in helping organisations realise the full potential of intelligent technologies including artificial intelligence, intelligent process automation, augmented analytics and more. CI assists organisations in understand the true potential of intelligent technologies within their organisation and then supports them through the full lifecycle, from creating a vision through to successful realisation of the business benefits.
  • Machine Commons (MC) – Machine Commons is a collective of over 80 specialist AI platform, solution, and service providers. This collective has delivered 100s of diverse AI powered solutions across multiple industries, from tailored off the shelf products through to bespoke machine learning solutions. The Machine Commons collective has over 600 active clients and a combined team of over 1400 people.

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