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Our associate network is invaluable to how Combined Intelligence operates and we want it to grow!

Our associates work with us to perform key roles within our client projects and to support us in new client acquisition.  Associates are often freelancers but can also be employees working for other consultancy, delivery or start-up organisations where we’ve established a partnership agreement. In this case, Combined Intelligence may also provide resource to support partner projects … we’re flexible and open to collaboration on new opportunities as well as existing projects.

Read more about our associate network and how to become a Combined Intelligence associate below.

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At Combined Intelligence we believe in intelligent technologies and how they can be smartly combined with people, processes and systems to truly transform customer experience, to optimise business efficiency, to provide real actionable insight and to innovate. Enabling our clients to differentiate themselves in what is do, how they do it and in their positive impact on their own team, their customers and ultimately society.

Our definition of ‘intelligent technology’ includes all aspects and applications of artificial intelligence plus related technologies such as intelligent process automation, augmented analytics, smart devices and other new and evolving technologies. We also promote the intelligent application of technology even where these technologies are more traditional platforms, systems or solutions.

Ultimately our goal is to help our clients realise the full potential of technology which, increasingly, will be intelligent.

We differentiate ourselves from other consultancies through a combination of our approach, our values and our capabilities. We recognise that our capabilities are based on the knowledge, skills and experiences of our team – a key element of our team being our associate network.

We are extending this network by adding further individual and partner organisation based associates. We’re looking for people with a good understanding of intelligent technologies combined with practical experience of applying these technologies in a real world context. As a team, we prefer to be considered as practitioners rather than just consultants, people who have experienced the challenges of intelligent technologies as well as appreciating the benefits. We also want to work with people who are motivated to innovate and to make a positive difference to our clients.

If you fit this criteria, we would welcome the opportunity to have a discussion about you becoming a Combined Intelligence associate. We believe there are many benefits for you as well as Combined Intelligence of being part of our wider team. You also remain free to persue your other interests and work opportunities, you can leave the network at any time and we’re totally flexible in how much you’re involve in our team and business development activities.

Please read more on this and the process of becoming an associate below.

“Our success is based on the knowledge, skills and experiences of our team. A key element of this being our associate network. I always welcome the opportunity to extend this network in a way that adds value to the associate as well as Combined Intelligence. We THRIVE together!”

Steve Sheppard – CEO

Why be an associate?

From a Combined Intelligence perspective, expanding our associate network increases our capacity to perform client work but equally importantly it also:

  • Furthers our knowledge and skills across intelligent technologies
  • Broadens our network of resources and routes to potential clients
  • Adds additional industry application experience
  • Enhances our community of practice, enabling our permanent and associate team to share thoughts and experiences
  • Connects us with new and interesting people

We appreciate that any strong relationship needs to bring value and benefits to both sides. We believe there are many benefits for you as a Combined Intelligence associate, including:

  • Another channel to find you interesting work
  • The opportunity to work in a team environment with similarly experienced experts
  • A forum to discuss intelligent technologies and their application
  • An ability to contract through Combined Intelligence
  • Freedom to still do everything you did before becoming an associate – we apply no constraints on what you do outside of Combined Intelligence opportunities and projects. You’re free to work for your own clients or other consultancies.
  • If at any time you no longer want to be an associate you are free to leave 

We don’t believe there are any downsides to being an associate.

Joining us

To become an associate of Combined Intelligence involves:

  1. Initial contact will either be from us reaching out to you or through you getting in touch with us ( and sharing your LinkedIn profile so that we can understand more about you.
  2. If we think you’re potentially a good fit we’ll arrange a call for you with our CEO, Dr Steve Sheppard.
  3. This call will be an informal chat about your background, your key skills and experience, and what you would like to get out of the relationship. You’ll also get a chance to learn more about Combined Intelligence and to ask Steve any questions you have.
  4. If you and Steve feel there is mutual benefit from you (or your organisation) being an associate we’ll proceed with onboarding. Our associates will represent Combined Intelligence and be key to client project success so we are selective in who we add to our network. We prefer quality over quantity.

Onboarding is a simple process and just involves you:

  1. Signing a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  2. Agreeing to some simple associate guidelines e.g. when you can/cannot use our brand etc. This isn’t a contract, just an informal agreement at this stage.
  3. Providing a photograph and short bio so that we can list you, if you want, on our website with our other associates.
  4. Helping us complete a spreadsheet of information about your skills and the types of project you’re interested in.
  5. Discussing current opportunities plus how much you’re willing to be involved in business development activities (see commitment below).

All the above will only take a few hours of your time which we believe will be a good investment!

Your commitment

Outside of client opportunities and projects your time commitment to Combined Intelligence can be as little or large as you want it to be.

We run a monthly team call which allows us to share company updates and is a forum for team members to discuss any topic that interests them. Attendance at this meeting is optional and does vary significantly month by month dependent on who is available. We also have a Microsoft Teams site to support sharing of information and general chat!

Other interactions will focus around marketing campaigns, new opportunities and client projects. For each we will discuss and agree the level of involvement you’re happy with. For client opportunities, where you’re a potential match, we’ll review the project and discuss in detail how you can be involved. Dependent on the project and your availability this could be in a full time or part time capacity. For each client engagement we will enter into a supply/sub-contractor agreement that will formalise the financial and working relationship between us and onwards to the client.

We appreciate that you will perform other work outside of Combined Intelligence so your availability will vary. When you are unavailable we’ll keep you informed of what’s going on but leave you alone to focus on your other commitments. Just let us know when your circumstances change again.

When engaging and working with us we do ask you to respect our values:

 Trust – Inspire and demonstrate trust.

 Honesty – Be honest and open at all times.

 Respect – Show respect, encourage and reward.

 Innovation – Think outside the box.

 Value – Ensure real value in everything we do.

 Exploration – Go beyond what’s been done before.

With these values we’ll THRIVE together!

When working on client projects we’ll agree a standard working model that fits with the client’s needs and that allows us to work in a consistent and productive way. We always seek to follow/lead best practice and to focus on achieving the best outcomes for our clients. We also want to ensure our team are interested and enthused by what they’re doing and achieving, we believe this is most likely to lead to success for our clients, Combined Intelligence and you.

To begin our journey together please respond to our initial contact or reach out to us at We look forward to talking to you.