Intelligent Process Automation


Intelligent Process Automation should be transforming your organisation, delivering multiple benefits at scale. Yet many organisations are struggling to achieve this potential.


Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), combining Robotic Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Analytics, should be transforming your business. Delivering significant reductions in operating costs, improved product and service delivery, transformed customer and employee experiences, reduced risk, enhanced compliance, increased customer and business insight, and improved accuracy, quality, consistency, reliability and more. The impact of Covid-19 on the human workforce has also further highlighted the importance of automation.  Yet many organisations are failing to achieve even a fraction of these benefits let alone the full potential at scale and truly transforming how the business operates. 

The reasons behind this are diverse and often a combination of several factors. These can include a lack of sponsorship, a flawed strategy, selection of the wrong opportunities, gaps in key skills and experience, resistance within the organisation to name just a few. To understand more about these factors please read our thought leadership articles on The Benefits and Pitfalls of Intelligent Process Automation.

Combined Intelligence are specialists in Intelligent Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Analytics and related Intelligent Technologies. We have a UK based team with many years of practical experience successfully leading the creation of centres of excellence, building effective delivery teams, implementing and delivering innovative solutions that transform how businesses operate and enhance the products and services they deliver to their customers. Our experience is first-hand and not just as consultants. Read more about us here.

We can help you bridge the gap between expectation and reality, assisting you in achieving the full potential of Intelligent Process Automation and to make the step to Hyperautomation where IPA is delivering benefits at scale and embedded within the DNA of your organisation. We can provide practical guidance, support and innovation wherever you are on your automation journey. We are happy to invest our time to understand your challenges and to identify how we can help without any commitment beyond your time to discuss. We are driven to achieve positive outcomes for our clients rather than selling consultancy days. Please get in touch via the contact us form below. We live by our THRIVE values of Trust, Honesty, Respect, Innovation, Value and Exploration.

You can read more about the automation journey here to understand how well you’ve progressed and the opportunities and challenges ahead. We also have introductions to the specific assistance we can provide at each stage of this journey here: 

  • Instantiate Build a successful automation programme and capability.
  • Invigorate Scale an existing programme and take it to the next level.
  • Intellect – Add intelligence and evolve automation into your organisation’s DNA.