Cloud Migration & Adoption

Digital Transformation driven by Cloud Adoption

For many companies, the explosion of data being generated by their organisation has become challenging in relation to how it is stored, how it is analysed and ultimately in how the value that can be extracted from it can be maximised. It is therefore very important to have a data strategy that:

  • Allows for the ever expanding universe of data collected
  • Supports the migration from siloed data stores to big data platforms and cloud storage
  • Gain insights from combined data from multiple, previously siloed, departmental data stores, providing firm-wide intelligence
  • Enables data to be readily but securely accessed by management information systems, reporting and advanced analytics tools
  • Simplifies the scaling of the data platforms as your data storage needs increases
  • Provides for data to be available in bulk for machine learning but also for real time use in automations
  • Creates more valuable insights and knowledge from the data collected within your organisation

Given the increasing focus on digital transformation and remote working that the Covid-19 pandemic has created we believe many more organisations will be looking to accelerate their migration to the cloud and fully adopt a cloud based infrastructure to make accessing internal systems a lot easier for a remote workforce.

We can help accelerate your cloud adoption project, providing both the technical and project management expertise to facilitate a smooth transition to cloud technologies.


Cloud Migration Planning & Execution

A success cloud migration is driven by understanding the system requirements, designing the correct cloud architecture and having a complete plan for the transition.

There are many key factors to consider as part of the planning to deliver a smooth transition from on premise applications and systems to cloud based platforms.

  • Review the functional capabilities of the different cloud providers, from a data infrastructure, governance, and analytics perspective
  • Prioritise the application and systems to migrate based on benefit and complexity
  • Design the new cloud architecture with scaling built in to allow automatic increase and decrease in resources based on demand
  • Perform any application / systems re-engineering that is needed ahead of time before the migration
  • Determine the correct switch-over strategy as migrated legacy application platforms are decommissioned
  • Consider a multi-cloud strategy that both protects you from platform level outages but also helps with cost arbitrage
  • Ensure your development teams are trained on the ways to benefit from cloud-based infrastructure from an application perspective
  • Build a capacity to exploit the benefits of cloud adoption, focused on improved reporting and analytics
  • Update the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning to factor into the resilience and redundancy delivered by optimal cloud architectures

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