Combined Intelligence and We Build Bots

Feb 11, 2021 | Company News


We’re pleased to announce that Combined Intelligence and We Build Bots are now partners. We Build Bots are a leading UK provider of AI powered automation software. They are passionate about making a human difference through IntelAgent, their Conversational AI platform. We Build Bots also share our vision of how people, processes and technology combined can transform customer experience to make a difference.

Steve Sheppard, CEO of Combined Intelligence: “Conversation AI is transforming how organisations interact with their customers. We see ‘We Build Bots’ as a leader in this field and we look forward to working together to help clients realise the full potential of this rapidly evolving intelligent technology.”

Patrick Hosch, CCO of We Build Bots: “It is exciting to have an organisation like Combined Intelligence join the We Build Bots family. The team around Steve Sheppard brings tremendous experience in the AI and automation industry. I am looking forward to bringing this great combination of Combined Intelligence’s expertise and our technology to our customers and help them provide first-class customer experiences.”


About Combined Intelligence

At Combined Intelligence we believe in intelligent technologies and how they can be smartly combined with people, processes and systems to truly transform customer experience, to optimise business efficiency, to provide real actionable insight and deliver sustainable competitive advantage. From vision to realisation via insight, inspiration and innovation we help organisations realise the full potential of intelligent technologies.


About We Build Bots

We Build Bots creates award winning AI powered automation software. We believe that emotional intelligence, empathy and insight are the qualities that set humans apart from everything else. But the opportunities to exercise these qualities in the workplace are often eroded by the need to perform repetitive, robotic tasks. Those tasks could and should be automated, and that’s why our platforms exist; to handle the ordinary so that humans can take care of the extraordinary. We leverage chatbots, voice and conversation analytics to drive efficiencies across customer services and internal functions.