Intelligent Process Automation Video 3 – How to start your Intelligent Process Automation journey

May 18, 2021 | Delivery & Operations, Process and Change, Research and Innovation, Skills and Knowledge, Technology and Partner, Vision and Strategy


Welcome to the third of our video series on intelligent process automation (IPA) brought to you by Combined Intelligence and Digital Workforce, with a special guest from our friends at Edge Tech. Over the series we take you through the world of intelligent process automation, from an introduction to how it can transform and innovate, through guidance on how to overcome challenges and achieve success at scale, and ultimately on to the world of artificial intelligence and the future world of work.

Each short video (around 15 minutes) is designed to give you insight and inspiration into how you can accelerate your intelligent process automation journey, whether you’re just setting out or have already achieved some success.

In this video we discuss how to start your intelligent process automation journey. We provide insight into what you need to start your journey and to make it a success.

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We hope you enjoy this video and get a chance to watch the rest (full list below).

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Our full video series covers (please follow the links to access released videos):

  1. Transformation, Innovation and Automation
  2. What is IPA and why you need it?
  3. How to start your IPA journey
  4. What to automate – To be released 25th May 2021
  5. Common pitfalls to overcome – To be released 1st June 2021
  6. Going beyond initial success – To be released 8th June 2021
  7. What the future holds – To be released 15th June 2021

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